During WWII, highly trained debutantes were recruited as spies and messengers for dangerous undercover assignments. Affectionately nicknamed ‘Debs at War’ these skilled women parachuted behind enemy lines to spy and report on the plans of the enemy. They intercepted secret communications, decoded critical messages, and couriered instructions between the command post and the frontline.

Israel’s third judge, Deborah, was the first Deb at War. Interceding for her nation, Deborah received God’s strategies on how to win the war for Israel. God aligned Deborah with a seasoned military leader and in unity they led Israel to victory in the most decisive battles of her time. Disciplined intercession, radical obedience, and a joyful heart qualified this Deb for war.

Today, militant Debs of War are rising. They train on their knees, interceding for their nation. In the heavenly armoury, they receive weapons of discernment and wisdom. At the sound of the trumpet, Deborahs are ready for war. With the burden of heaven deep in their hearts, God strategically aligns them with His Generals. With hearts lit with the oil of gladness, Debs at War courageously follow the Commander of Host into victory.

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